Minsk Unique (walking tour conducted in English) @ Belarus 4U, Minsk [с 23 февраля по 9 ноября]

Minsk Unique (walking tour conducted in English)

- 9
10:00 - 13:00

 Страница мероприятия
Belarus 4U
Kal'varyiskaya str. 17-102, 220004 Минск
Take our new exclusive «Minsk Unique» walking tour — and you will find out why Minsk can be really called a «unique» city. You will learn the history and see the symbols of central squares of Minsk — there were several of them in our city's lifetime: Svobody (Liberty), Nezavisimosti (Independence), Oktyabrskaya (October) Squares.
The Upper Town, preserving the memory of five centuries of Minsk history, is the place where the architectural monuments of the 17-19th centuries stood the test of time. We will get a closer look at its central point — Svobody Square — with its main sights: Minsk City Hall, shopping arcade, several buildings of former monastic complexes (Bernardine, Basilian, Jesuit). Here Minsk is really proving to be a multiconfessional European city…
We will stroll along wide and impressive Nezavisimosti Avenue. Every building here is a kind of a chapter of post-war Minsk history and all these chapters are written by means of monumental architecture, molding, sculpture… During the visit of the Central Post Office you will have an opportunity to send a postcard from Minsk to your friends or family. We won't miss a chance to drop by the most famous stores of the Soviet Era to discover why Minsk citizens spent hours and hours in the queues. This is an unforgettable Minsk experience not to be missed!
One of the most well known landmarks of Minsk — Victory Square with its Memorial Hall — will tell us about the horrors of World War II and the happiness of Victory Day. Not far from the square there is an unremarkable small wooden house keeping the secrets of the events which changed the course of the world history in the end of the 19th century. Turn you head and you will see a balcony which gives an answer to the question — what does Minsk have to do with John Kennedy?
You will discover the main milestones of the history of Minsk: its destruction and rebirth, its development and turning into mighty industrial city. Walking along very popular Oktyabrskaya Street you will see how different industrial buildings of Minsk can look like, and explore what Belarus and Brazil have in common. We will end our tour by having a cup of delicious coffee in one of the well-liked cafes. Embark upon our amazing walking tour — discover the character and feel the mood of our Unique Minsk!

The tour price includes:
• walking tour
• visit of the Central Post Office
• a postcard with a stamp
• a cup of delicious coffee
• 2 metro tickets
• Viapol souvenirs
Distance: 5 km; 2.5 hours
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