Lawyers Talk Shop. Special MeetUp @ Гостиница "Славянская", Minsk [27 марта]

Lawyers Talk Shop. Special MeetUp

19:00 - 21:00

 Страница мероприятия
Гостиница "Славянская"
ул. Нарочанская, 6, 220020 Минск
It will be a regular meetup for the Club of Lawyers-Talk-Shop-graduates members to communicate on the issues of law&business that we all are interested in.

Moreover, we will be meeting new participants of the
Lawyers Talk Shop Spring 2018.
That's why we kindly invite English speaking lawyers to join us at our Special Lawyers-Talk-Shop-class.
It will be engaging and entertaining!

The main topic of our meeting is Business correspondence: how not to screw it up!
We are going to discuss common uses of business letters and their generally accepted tone, structure and format.

 Work experience in legal sector — Not less than 3 years
 English level — Intermediate or higher (B2, C1, C2)
 Personal — High motivation

Special meetup is free! Registration is required!
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Don't miss the opportunity to join the Lawyers Talk Shop — Spring 2018!
April, 4 — June, 6

Lawyers Talk Shop is a unique, intensive course for lawyers that enables participants to broaden their Legal English vocabulary and acquire confidence in explaining points of law and discussing current topical issues in a business context.

This course focuses on enhancing the participants' English skills in a legal context. The language component will put a special emphasis on in-class communication, focusing on legal jargon and relevant examples, error correction and discussions, exercises for recycling and real case studies. The goals of this course are achieved through a combination of studying law and legal English.

 Expand your Legal English vocabulary
 Improve your listening comprehension
 Develop communication skills
 Upgrade knowledge in Belarusian law

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