Static Parachute Jump @ Minsk, Минск [с 27 по 29 июля]

Static Parachute Jump

27 - 29
10:00 - 18:00

 Страница мероприятия
220001-220141 Minsk, Belarus
Duration of the course is 3 days, this means that the trainee should come 27 Jully and leave on Jully 29.
The cost of the course is 400$ USD
This course consists of theoretical and practical modules, the main focus is to teach trainees how to rig a parachute, the tactics of a parachutist, how to behave inside the airplane before the jump and how to jump from an airplane while in flight. During the course trainees will undergo dry training on how to wear and behave with a parachute also the entire procedure until the landing of the parachutist in the ground, after dry training trainees will jump from an airplane with parachute.

— Parachute Characteristics
— Parachute Rigging
— 3 jumps from airplane while in flight
— Military Parachutist Wings

Duration: 3 days
Parachute System: D-10
Number of trainees: Minimum 10
Suggested Gear: Tactical pants with belt, warm jacket, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, cold/rain weather gear, tactical vest, tactical gloves, tactical boots, earplugs, ballistic glasses, cap, service uniform
Requirements: None

The price includes:
— 3 jumps
— Airport pickup one day before training at evening time
— Airport drop off next day morning after training
— Transfer
— Accomodation
— Three meals
— Certificate
— T-shirt with the logo & PVC

Classes are in Russian Hellenic English language

For more information and registration contact us via [email protected] /

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Email: [email protected]
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